You will find on our blackboards, daily specials such as soup, starter, fish, meat butcher’s cut and pizza. All this, to offer you a constantly changing cuisine that’s inspired by the moment.  BLACKBOARD

  • Squash, coco milk and curry potage     9$
  • Entrée: Fish accra, fennel salad     13$
  • Pan seared swordfish, turmeric and  lemon sauce       35$
  • Stuffed breast turkey, foie gras sauce   29$$
  • Morrocan Tajine vegetarian 25$ or with lamb, merguez and chicken  38$
  •  choice of gluten free pasta



Arugula and pear salad with roasted pecans and parmesan 12$
French onion soup, three cheeses 12$
Foie gras terrine with garnish of the day 20
wapiti tartar, grille portobello mushroom, hazelnut, jack daniel sauce 16$
Mediterranean squid fricassee 15$
blood sausage, scallop on roasted cauliflower puree 17$



Grilled salmon, tomato pesto, whole grain dijon chantilly cream 28$
Mushroom and duck confit risotto 29$
Pan seared saithe in almond crust, squeash puree, basilic emulsion 31$
Normand’s braised ribs, homemade smoky sauce 27$
marinated grilled flank steak, shallots sauce 33$
 Butcher cut, 42 onces for two persons 120$
Sea food linguini, citrus cream bisque 29$
vegetarian or Duck confit pizza 22$




The main course is served with a choice of juice or soft drinks and a sundae 13$
Pizza with tomato sauce and cheeses
Pasta with tomato and basil sauce or butter
 grilled salmon with vegetable
homemade breaded chicken, fries or mashed potato and vegetable


Chocolate crème brûlée 9$
Trilogy of homemade sherbet 8$
Affogato, Baileys homemade ice cream, cake, espresso 11$
Queen Elizabeth cake 10$