You will find on our blackboards, daily specials such as soup, starter, fish, meat butcher’s cut and pizza. All this, to offer you a constantly changing cuisine that’s inspired by the moment.  BLACKBOARD

  • Mushroom   potage     10$
  • Entrée: Homemade smoke salmon, fennel salad       15$
  • Pan seared black saith, milanaise sauce           34$
  • Lamb risotto              34 $
  • Choices of gluten free pasta



Arugula and pear salad with roasted pecans and parmesan 12$
Tuna tartare, panko, avocado,ponzu sauce 19$
Foie gras terrine with garnish of the day 21$
Grilled octopus on greek salad 19$
Marinated grilled  royal quail on red coleslaw 17$
Grilled eggplant, tomato and mozarella di buffala 14$



Pan seared salmon, avocado salsa 30$
Basque style Cornish hen, voltigeur farm 29$
Pan seared sea bass, capers, dried tomato, lemon vinaigrette 32$
Stuffed portobello, onion jam, 3 cheeses, pine nuts on mâche salad 22$
Marinated grilled hanger beef steak, chimichuri 34$
 Butcher cut, 42 onces for two persons 130$
Sea food tagliatelle pasta, bloody ceaser style 28$
ratatouille rigattoni pasta, feta cheese 24$

Normand’s braised ribs, homemade smoky sauce                                 29$

Pan seared venison, cèpes mushroom sauce                                            36$

3 cheeses pizza,smoked goudat,goat,mozzarella, mushroom, onion   22$

Chorizo pizza, eggplant, fresh tomato                                                         22$




The main course is served with a choice of juice or soft drinks and a sundae 13$
Pizza with tomato sauce and cheeses
Pasta with tomato and basil sauce or butter
 grilled salmon with vegetable
homemade breaded chicken, fries or mashed potato and vegetable



Key lime pie 11$
Trilogy of homemade sherbet 9$
Affogato, Baileys homemade ice cream, brownies, espresso 12$
Chocolate brownies, caramel, pistachio, strawberry sherbet 11$